Dales Ponies

The Dales pony fulfilled every requirement in the north of England. Strong pack ponies were necessary to carry heavy loads of lead from the lead mines. Horses did all the farm work from ploughing to carting. Shepherds needed sure-footed, active ponies for their work among the flocks in the hills. The Dales pony did all of these and more, often being used as a harness pony or in competition in trotting races too. Like many of the native breeds, numbers declined after World War 2, but Dales are now gaining in popularity again, as a strong but agile family riding or driving pony.  The Dales pony is up to 14.2h.h. and comes in black, brown, bay, or sometimes grey or roan. White markings are confined to no more than a star, snip and white hind fetlocks.


Dales Pony Society web site address: http://www.dalespony.org/


Address: Greystones, Glebe Avenue, Great Longstone, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1TY   U.K.


Wolsey Master Oliver
Wolsey Master Oliver  who belongs  to Lorraine Wiltshire


Dartdale Clint
Dartdale Clint who belongs to
Gill Bridgeman


Dartdale Clint in long reins
Dartdale Clint shows how well Dales can move


 With thanks to Gill Bridgeman who retains the copyright of these photos


Colliery Alick
Colliery Alick, exported to U.S.A. & belongs to Kelly Davidson Chou who retains copyright of this photo.