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1. Horse Colour Genetics.  You have to look for relevant links but a very detailed site covering most colours, shades and patterns with many excellent  illustrations.

2. Brindle Horses.   Fascinating collection of illustrations of brindle horses & donkeys by J. Sharon Batteate.

3.  Yipes! Stripes!     By J. Sharon Batteate, this site includes the above rare brindle pattern, stripes, camouflage & other colours.

4. Equine Color Genetics.  A well illustrated site with excellent photos including some of amazing "Other Patterns".

5. Champagne Horse Information Pages.    The Champagne Horse Registry. Comprehensive site covering all the shades and genetics of this unusual colour.

6. British Skewbald and Piebald Association       Registry that accepts broken coloured horses and ponies.

7. Appaloosas on Wikipedia                    Interesting histories of these horses with descriptions of colour patterns & many links.

The following sites may be useful or interesting.

1. Animal Genetics               Offers DNA testing for colours etc in USA and UK.

2. International Museum of the Horse      A site for insomniacs. Has a massive directory of world horse breeds, history of the horse & much more.



1.  'Allen's Photographic Guide to Horse and Pony Coat Colours' by Carole Knowles-Pfeiffer.                                Published by J. A. Allen ckpbook3.jpg (12020 bytes)
A superb book that is clear, concise and lavishly illustrated with most known colours.   A must for anyone registering foals but would delight any equine enthusiast, old or young.


2. 'Horse Colour Explained' by Jeanette Gower.      Published by Crowood Press.   
A book which goes into more detail for the more advanced enthusiast. Very well illustrated.

3. 'Equine Color Genetics' by D. Phillip Sponenberg.  Published February 2009
More advanced information on colour genetics. Includes chapter on the recently  recognised mushroom colour.

4. 'The Equine Tapestry' by Lesli Kathman. Published 2012. A really wonderful book that has no genetic formulae but, in the first section, describes all the different colours & their inheritance in simple terms. What sets this book apart from all others is the fascinating history of the breeds &their colours as far back as they can be traced. Intended to cover 4 volumes, this first one goes on to study 'Draft & Coaching Breeds'. Illustrations are in black & white only but this does make the book very affordable.


May be available from  Amazon  or check out  Bookbrain  & BookPrice24 for best prices & other books on equine breeds


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