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The Gletness Connection

The Gletness Stud was established in Shetland. Mainly chestnuts were bred & certainly some mushroom coloured foals were produced. Probably the best known stallion bred there was Gletness Rocket who has a number of mushroom descendants. Gletness Rockall was a three-quarter brother who was exported to Sweden, where he has established lines of very dark liver chestnuts with near white mane & tails, and a few mushroom coloured ponies.

My standard size mushroom stallion is CLIBBERSWICK HAMMERITE. He has been red & silver factor tested at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at Uppsala, the result of which proved him to be red but negative for silver. He has since been tested at UC Davis & proved to be mushroom.

Clibberswick Hammerite

mushroom.  Foal reg.  dark chestnut.

Cawa of Berry  red & white Ward of Houlland  chestnut & white Sprite of Berry   white roan. Foal reg. piebald

Gem of Houlland    chestnut

Kalan of Berry  black Bon Bon of Berry   grey & white

Flaxie of Berry   chestnut

Pearla of Clibberswick   black Gardie Trigger   black Sam of Gudden   black

Lady of Gardie   black

Pearl II of Clibberswick
Clothie Clett    black

Elita of Clibberswick   black

Gem of Houlland was out of Bliss of Houlland who was by Nero of Houlland x Nutkin.  Bon Bon of Berry traces to Houlland lines.  Sam of Gudden was by Gletness Rocket from whom many mushrooms are descended. Cawa of Berry has 9 crosses of Café au Lait. Pearla of Clibberswick has 10 crosses of Café au Lait.

Hammerite as a foal.


Clibberswick Hammerite
Hammerite as an adult. His mane & tail have a lot of dark hair throughout giving the appearance of silver grey.

Clibberswick Hammerite
Hammerite after being stabled for the winter. He was considerably darker in colour than at any other time. The coat quickly faded in the daylight to his more usual shade. The colour on this day was an even all-over shade as is apparent on his back, chest & upper foreleg, the paler parts reflecting the bright sun.


Clibberswick Hammerite
Hammerite's head on the same early spring morning. Note that his face had remained the same paler shade of his usual colour as in the photograph above. It may be that these ponies do go darker in winter but they fade so quickly, we do not notice it.

Also by Cawa of Berry, is TANYA OF SANDALBRAE. She is a very dark mushroom skewbald that I bought as a foal, registered as    'chocolate & white'. At the time, all the long guard hairs had creamy coloured ends instead of the usual red of a normal chestnut. Her parentage is much the same as some of the preceding ponies. Cawa has 9 crosses of Café au Lait but Jolene of Gudden only has 3 crosses of Café au Lait through Gletness Rocket.  
Tanya of Sandalbrae
foal reg. chocolate & white
Cawa of Berry  red & white Ward of Houlland  red & white Sprite of Berry  foal colour: piebald

Gem of Houlland  chestnut

Kalan of Berry   black Bon Bon of Berry   blue & white

Flaxie of Berry   chestnut

Jolene of Gudden   red & white Gletness Rocket   chestnut Fireball of Marshwood   dark chestnut

Rose of Belmont  chestnut

Jill of Gudden   piebald Noggin of Luckdon   black

Dandy of Gudden   chestnut


Sandalbrae Tanya as a foal showing cream mane & foal coat.


Tanya as an adult. Mane is white, tail has dark hair.


Tanya of Sandalbrae


Tanya of Sandalbrae. Note creamy hairs on face.

BAYHALL MAGIC (pictured as a yearling) also traces to the same lines. His summer coat is much the same colour as his winter foal coat.
Bayhall Magic   mushroom (foal reg. "dun") Scapa Fireman  chestnut Jumbo of Bothen  chestnut Gletness Rocket  chestnut

Rosebell of Bothen  chestnut

Scapa Flame chestnut Scapa Reekie  grey

Scapa Roma  black
Bayhall Bubbles chestnut dun Zorro of Berry very dark chestnut Victor of Houlland  skewbald

Beryl of Berry  chestnut
Kexie of Gott  cream chestnut dun Penmorfa Barnaby  skewbald

Susan of Gott  cream chestnut dun


Bayhall Magic

Bayhall Magic

Notes: Victor of Houlland was a great grandson of Fireball of Marshwood.   Penmorfa Barnaby traces to Helga of Houlland (see Houlland page 2). Susan of Gott was a great granddaughter of  Firedust of Marshwood  -  a full brother to Fireball of Marshwood.
GARDIE ZARA is white & mushroom but was registered as 'white with chestnut markings'. Her mother, Gardie Rosebud is an unusual shade of chestnut with heavy white roaning through her body & chestnut roaning through her blaze.
Gardie Zara mushroom & white (foal reg. "white with chestnut markings" Sevenordale Basil  skewbald Gardie Odin  black Majestic of Quendale  bay

Rhona of Stoorigarth black

Sevenordale Tracey  skewbald Victor of Berry  skewbald

Pippa of Gatesgarth  chestnut

Gardie Rosebud  chestnut Knock Jolly Roger  chestnut Knock Fanfare strawberry roan, grey

Joyful of Waulkmill  black

Xyris of Quendale  chestnut Paddy of Quendale  black

Clivocast Charisma  chestnut


Gardie Zara
Gardie Zara as a yearling

Gardie Rosebud
Gardie Rosebud (at 2 years old), dam of Zara.

Gardie Zara has three crosses of Gletness Rocket and two crosses of Gletness Rockall in her pedigree, which also has several lines that trace to Houlland and South Park. In all, Sevenordale Basil has 17 crosses of Café au Lait + 1 of Avening Jupiter. Gardie Rosebud has 15 crosses of Café au Lait + 1 of Avening Jupiter.

The South Park Connection

When one looks at the pedigrees of these mushrooms, they have a double cross of one pony, or a cross of 2 or more of the ponies, usually tracing to Houlland or Avening, both of which trace to South Park blood, more particularly to one mare, Café au Lait 886, a 33˝ inch "dun & white" mare born in 1891 & purchased by Lady Estella Hope from Shetland as a filly. Bred by John Laurenson, she was said to be by Lodinn & her dam was black with white markings. As a foal, she was described as "grey". Lady Hope was a first class stockperson who knew her ponies well & gave very detailed descriptions when registering foals. Pied foals had white markings fully described. Dun foals were given the base colour rather than being described as simply "dun". On a couple of occasions, she only described ponies as "dun"  -  with regard to Café au Lait (mare registration "dun & white") & this mare's great grandson, Cuckoo, who was described as "light dun". Could it be that she did not know how to describe these ponies that may have been mushroom duns? All the pedigrees given so far, trace to Café au Lait on both sides. Many mushroom pedigrees contain Gletness Rocket, Gletness Rockall, Fireball of Marshwood, Houlland or Avening ponies, all of which trace to this mare.

Further details of these early South Park ponies can be found in the recently published book 'The Ladies Hope and Their Shetland Ponies', available from Amazon or other book-sellers. For more on the book, please see this page.

Another name to regularly appear in mushroom pedigrees is Silver Fox, also a South Park pony. He was a 31˝ inch blue roan, born in 1924 but has no obvious mushroom connections. He was the sire of Avening Blusterer so the grandsire of Avening Jupiter & Ninepins (comes into the Gletness & Houlland pedigrees). He was also the sire of Firebird so grandsire of Fireball & Fireless of Marshwood. Silver Fox comes into most Houlland pedigrees & virtually all later Avening pedigrees.

Mushrooms are being increasingly found in different countries. Vorden Buddleia, sire of the bay Adam v.d. Spuitjesdom, comes into many of them. Buddleia was out of Park View Betty Boo, registered as "cream chestnut", a mare by Thor of Houlland.

Gletness Rockall, a three-quarter brother to Gletness Rocket, comes into more of the Swedish "mushrooms".

Kismet v. Bunswaard, a chestnut stallion, combines some of the lines I have mentioned in these pages. He is by Golden Fleece of Annandale (Avening bloodlines) x Kipper of Marshwood (Fireball of Marshwood x Kitten of Houlland).

On the following pages, I have given details of some of the mushroom ponies that are found in other countries.


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