Shetland Ponies

From Shetland, the most northerly islands of Scotland, the Shetland pony is the smallest and hardiest of the British native breeds. They are of stocky build and can be of any size up to a limit of 42” in height. Shetlands of 34" or under are classed as 'miniature'. They are intelligent with an enormous amount of character. With a wealth of mane and tail, a thick winter coat, and ability to survive on a very sparse diet, they withstand the coldest of winters with little shelter. They can carry or pull a great weight for their size, which made them the obvious choice for work in coalmines in the 19th century. All other miniature horse and pony breeds, originated from this breed. Shetland ponies are now popular as children’s first ponies as well as driving ponies, many of our top riders having begun their career on a Shetland. Shetlands come in a wider variety of colours than any other of our native breeds. The breed description allows “any colour other than spotted.”

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                  Miniature Shetland filly                  Shetland mares & foals
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Shetland team of 6
Clothie Stud's team of 6 Shetland stallions & geldings - a rare sight!